What Next can you do with your Domain names?

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What Next can you do with your Domain names?Here I am again and I guess you’ve missed me. If you didn’t, I did! Hahaha! September is the month we now find ourselves in after the death of the previous eight months. August was the last casualty and there is of course no doubt the month of September is going to expire as well but before that happens, let make it a memorable one for that matter.

And that is why I am here with mine as well. Have you thought of what you could do with your domain names? Or on a more serious note, I guess you might be asking yourself whether there is something different you could be doing with your domain names? And the answer is obviously a big YES!

As to whether to make the big the capital letter or the yes the capital letter, that isn’t something I am very much interested in but instead what next you can do with your domain names is what on board today?

Stay tuned and get your fingers crossed as I introduce to the episode 4 of my Little Johnny series making waves way on the DomainKing.ng blog.

Little Johnny’s Story Episode 4

Little Johnny had a girlfriend who was stunningly attractive, and his girlfriend had a sister who was more attractive.

Just a day before their wedding, Little Johnny visited his  girlfriend, he saw no one but his girlfriend’s sister.

While checking the wedding invitation together, she suddenly said to Little Johnny, “Come and keep me
company.” while slowly undressing.

She continued, “I’m going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want one last wild fling, just come up
and get me.”

Little Johnny was stunned and frozen in shock as he watched her go up the stairs. His head ‘scattered’ as he watched her enter the bedroom naked. He stood there for a moment, thinking of what to do. There was no one else at the house. Suddenly he turned and made a beeline straight to the front door.

Little Johnny opened the door, and headed straight towards his car. Lo and behold, his entire future family was standing outside, all clapping!

With tears in his eyes, his father-in-law hugged him and said, “We are very happy that you have passed our little test.

We couldn’t ask for a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family.”
Little Johnny who stunned started murmuring, “Thank you John. Thank you John” under his breath. It was John who told him to always keep his condom inside his car.

Hahaha! This was indeed close. I guess you will take a cue from Little Johnny’s experience.
Now lets move back to business as usual and obviously our topic for discussion have to do with what next can you do with your domain names?

Obviously talking of domain names, many are of the view the best you can with them is setting up a website or a blog with them but there is more.

Met the man who registered 14,962 domain names all within a day. The first time I had this; I was like; is this guy okay?

But check out what he had to say on this.
Mann Mike (his name) is one of the longest members of the clubby world of domain speculators, and he’s buying up names in force these days.

And this week, in a span that lasted less than 24 hours across Tuesday and Wednesday, Mann snapped up 14,962 domains — 1,822 starting Tuesday evening and the rest on Wednesday.

“I’m just really greedy,” said Mann, a man no one would describe as modest. “I want to own the world.”

First, the quick back-story. Mann, who’s 45 and lives in Delaware, joined the dot-com land grab relatively early, in the late 1990s. He had founded an ISP called Internet Interstate, but one day in 1998, much to his surprise, he got a $25,000 offer for a domain he owned, Menus.com. The following day he got a $50,000 offer.

Hahaha! What a sweet business. Something he bought for just $70 fetched him around $50,000 with time. Have you thought of investing domain names?

The very important part of my submission has to do with considering parking domain names. Come to think of it, Mann for instance registered 14,962 domain names and if we are to go by the fee of DomainKing.ng rate of $8.29 per domain that means it cost Mann a fortune of $124,034 but look at this.

If he decides not sell but park those domain names and if each of those domain names make him $1 a month, that is a tune of $14,962 per month. Multiply it by the 12 months we have in a year and that is $179,544.

At the end, $55,510 is the profit realized. So to cut this post of mine short, all that I have to say is; try parking your domain names when not in use.

I guess you might be wondering where to park those domain names of yours and I will recommend voodoo.com, sedo.co.uk and afternic.com

Did I miss something?

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