Top 10 Most Expensive .NG Domain Names 2016

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Most Expensive .NG Domain Names

Branding is what business is all about! Building a website is a simple task nowadays with CMS like WordPress, but choosing a perfect brand name can be tricky. And sure enough most of the unique and single domain names have already been taken. That is why these are classified as Premium Domain Names. These Domains can be purchased from its owner with his consent.

But do you know how much does a premium domain names costs in Nigeria?

In today’s Domain market Companies are willing pay handsome amounts to get a premium Domain for their business. Suppose you own a toy shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Wouldn’t you love to have for your business? Sure you would. A perfect Domain with a great business idea is all you need to run a successful Online business. Well sort of!

So, have you ever thought which are the Nigeria’s most expensive domain names ever sold? Here is the list of Top 10 .NG Domains that have fetched the best Aftermarket prices!

Top 10 Most expensive .NG domain names:

Before you go through the list we have found a pattern in these Premium domains sold and the prices which they fetched. Most of the domains in our research were found to be either Keyword domains like for Insurance or Domain Hacks like for Web Hosting. Maybe you have now got an idea for your next domain name.

No more waiting! Here are the Most Expensive Nigerian domains.

Insurance is the most expensive .NG domain name ever sold. It was sold in January 2015 for a whopping ₦3.15 Million. It is currently registered in the name of Marc Teixeira. Insurance is one of the most profitable industry online. So now you can guess what made this Domain so costly. Currently this domain name hosts an insurance comparison and quote website where you can compare the best insurance providers in Nigeria and negotiate insurance solutions at the cheapest monthly premiums.


morning was sold in April 2016 to Mark Kychma for 2.25 Million. This is the second most expensive .ng domain sold till date. is a domain hack that resembles MORNING. No website is currently hosted on this domain. This domain can be purchased or leased by anyone. So if you are interested give your bid and go for it.



This is another domain hack snapped up by Vijay Sharma in April 2015 for 2.09 million. The owner helps you to make domain hacks. The website is currently running with the name


Tickets was sold for 1.84 Million in January 2013. It is the fourth most expensive .ng domain sold. Currently it is under the name of DeDenys Shevchuk. Not much could be found about this site as it is not in the working stage till date.



Pizza is not just a food, it’s a food with magic on it. This incredible Domain was purchased by Gao Tianyong in April 2012 for 1.08 Million. But no pizza website has been hosted on the Domain yet. This Domain is currently for sale and the owner plans to sell it for $10,000


Diet domain was sold in January 2013 for 1.04 Million. It is currently owned by Hatt Johannis. The domain is not yet in the working stage so I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about it.


Epharmacy was sold to Arjun Udani in January 2015 for 1.02 Million. Epharmacy is a great name to start an online pharmacy business. But not much can be said about this site as it asks for the authentication (sign in for security purpose) to view this site.



Soccer is Love, soccer is life! Well Hatt Johannis purchased this Domain in January 2013 for 0.78 Million. He surely knows a thing about making money online. Dear soccer lovers, this website provide you all you need to know about soccer. Everything from the latest news to live scores is available here.



Titled as Nigerian Photo Community was also purchased by Hatt Johannis in January 2013 at the price of ₦0.75 Million. According to the description on the website, provides you with the finest photographs of nature, wildlife and landscapes of Nigeria.



Hatt Johannis registered under his name in January 2013 for ₦0.61 Million. It is a fine name to start an online software business. But this site is also not in the working stage yet. So not much can be said about it but this is a very cool premium domain.


Domain Name industry is growing at a high pace and is going to be huge in the coming future. Although most of the premium names have been taken in .com TLD but you still have a chance to Register a premium domain name in .NG ccTLD. If you have any such name in your mind, then just search it right now from HERE. If it is available grab it right away at the lowest prices from and earn millions from selling it.

Top 10 Most expensive domain names

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If you have any questions regarding how you can start buying and selling domains, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. If you have ever sold premium domains then do share your experience with me. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow….this is a nice post and it is very encouraging.
    Have been having problems of registering new domains, but each time I enter it, it will tell me that the domain name is not available thereby giving me options.
    I want to know, this options like,, .ng, etc…how good is it compare to .com, because I always believe anything is not upto standard. Please you can help me better knowledge on this.

    Comment by Reginald D Onyeahialam — November 22, 2016 @ 8:45 am

  2. Thank you so much.
    Many people have this question in their mind while starting their website “ What domain extension should I choose for my website: .com or ? ”
    Let me share with you some advantages of over .com

    1. Rank Better on Google:
    Google searches are heavily influenced by a user’s geographical location, so if you appeal to regional customers, you should choose your country’s extension. In case of Nigeria its .

    2. Cost efficient: is much cheaper than .com.

    3. Better Domain Names:
    All the good names might have already been registered in .com but the competition on .NG ccTLD is much lower. So you have a good chance to grab the domain name of your choice.

    4. Increasing Exchange Rates:
    .com is a foreign TLD & due to the increasing exchange rates the price of .com domain names are increasing. Using will contribute to saving your money.

    5. Some other advantages of using are:

    • It gives you a Nigerian Identity
    • It helps reaching your targeted Nigerian audience
    • Expanding your Nigerian presence
    • Builds trust in the audience
    • Nevertheless it protects your brand in Nigeria

    You can also checkout some Interesting Facts about .NG Domain here:

    Comment by Kritika Shukla — November 22, 2016 @ 10:14 am

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