How to Select a flourishing Domain Name

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How to Select a flourishing Domain Name

In this modern Era, Domain name decides the future of a business, that’s why every business owner looks to buy unique and attractive domain. But it has become very difficult to choose one, with Millions of domains  already registered and thousands of daily registrations.  Your dream may be already booked because of the high competition.

So, what you can do to select a Flourishing Domain Name for your business or blog?

Well, it is not the only questions which hit your mind,there are many more, which plays an important role in selecting the domain. So, let’s answer each question separately.

1. Branded or Generic?

As you know, There are two types of Domain Names, 1. Generic, 2. Branded. The majority times, people take generic names like if they want to build a website on computers. Well, it is a good domain, but if you really want to make your presence known, then you must select Branded ones. For Example, or

These types of Names will give you a unique identity, whereas on the other side, Generic names will drive traffic to your blog, but people will not remember it because it will be a very common name, people usually will get confused with many other similar ones. So, Always prefer a branded Name for your Business or blog.

2. Long or Short?

Many would say, Short domains are easy to remember, But not always in reality. Long domain can also be a good one, if selected the right way.

For Better understanding, we would take some examples, Suppose you want a domain for “Work at Home Mom” Website, then  selecting a short “” or something similar will not be a good idea. Instead “” will be a better option because it is easy to remember. And also, these types of domains can contain keywords which can fetch some traffic. Although it will still require hard work.

But if you really like short domains, then, always choose meaningful words, Never ever use the short form of a long tail keyword. For Example, “” is a good domain with meaningful words..

In simple conclusion to this section, Always go for meaningful words, no matter Short or Long domains, it must only meaningful words.

3. Use of “My”, “The” and “A”?

These types of words are commonly seen in the domain names. Do you know why these are popular? Because if your required domain name is already registered, then you can use any one of these keywords in the same domain and make it a brand.

For Example, if is already registered, then you can go to, or which will fulfill your requirement. But remember, if you buy a domain using these words. for example,, then you must be promoting “MyDomain” as your brand, because if you leave “My” while promoting, it might lead your customers to the wrong website by typing

4. Which Extension? Com, net, Org, Info, etc..

The most common question these days people will ask while selecting the domain name is about Extension. Generally people love .com Extension, but most times domains with .com extensions are already registered. So, that’s why people go to other ones,or .org.

Frankly speaking, .com is what you should prefer always, you can change some words in your domain name, but the extension should be .com, unless you own a country specific business or a Non profitable organization.

5. Use of Hyphens?

Hyphens are also very commonly used to buy a domain who’s normal version is already registered. For example, If is registered, then you can go for

Also, these types of domains rank well in search engines because it helps crawlers to distinguish keywords better. But it will also have some disadvantages like, people who forget to type hyphens will go to a wrong website. Also, if you verbally recommend your site to your friend, He might forget to type the hyphen. There can be many similar cases. So, it totally depends on you, if you wanna include Hyphens or not.

Final Verdict

So, that’ it, these tips will help you get a good domain name for your business or blog. In the last few lines, I just wanna say, Use your brain and research for good domain before starting a business, otherwise, later periods can be a tricky. Because I have seen many people who are buying an Average Domain in the beginning, but later changing it to something unique and branded which cost them lots of visitor loss. So, that’s why I am saying, Choose a good Branded Name, before you start your business.

So, that’s it, if you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. Hey Siddharth,
    Nice to see you on this New Blog,. After all it’s really impressive Guide. Today I am going to Purchase a Domain but now i will buy it through your guide.

    Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Priya Singh — August 23, 2014 @ 5:43 am

  2. Hey Priya ,

    Thanks for Stopping Here!

    Yeah you should buy a domain after some keyword research also if you wants to write or start blog and wants to traffic from Search engines.

    Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Siddharth Sharma — August 30, 2014 @ 8:03 am

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