How To Manage So Many Social Media Platforms in Little Time!

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Social networking is one of the most important marketing tool for bloggers which shouldn’t be overlooked. But at the same time social media is a time sucker! When you get the hang of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Google+, you may end up spending time more on those platforms and start blogging less. This can prompt a considerable measure of overpowering passion or even burnout with your blog without you knowing.

So Which Social Media Networks do we have?

Before we go into social media time management, Lets take a look at the top Social media networks available.

Few years ago, Facebook was a bit boring for most people, even bloggers did not care about whats going on the platform even though it maintained the top position as the best social network site after over taking MySpace.  At that point, Twitter tagged along and made it simpler for us to share any little pieces of information. This means that you can even share more than a post title and URL, which many of us find very helpful and efficient.

From that point forward, we’ve seen the development of Pinterest, which has doubtlessly taken the online networking world by storm. According to searchenginejournal, Pinterest drives more activity than LinkedIn and Google+ joined together (am not so sure about that now). Google+, a solid opponent for Facebook, is additionally making progress. Those concerned with SEO and Google rankings are most likely urged to join, as profiles and status updates are starting to show up SERP.

Coming along is StumbleUpon which have additionally turned into an extraordinary media instrument for those that need more exposure to what they have to offer like DIY tutorials, and other evergreen write ups. LinkedIn has turned into a system intended more for professionals & experts, yet numerous bloggers are discovering the platform very useful as per marketing also. Having a profile is like an online resume, with the ability to add people to your list and build connections as well as the ability to put recommendations and accept recommendations from other people make the platform fantastic.

Now back to the reason for this post.

How To Manage So Many Social Media Platforms in Little Time!

Time Management : How To Manage So Many Social Media Platforms in Little Time!

With the little introductions that i have made above, i have roughly picked out about 6 different social media platforms which all have their own specific features and therefore makes them all very addictive. So now if we all have these platforms in mind as a way to promote contents. am sure you will only end up making use of one. So here is a quick tip on how to manage so many social media platforms in little time.

1. You need to set up specific time to visit your online networking sites every day. I do it once in the morning after going through my mails and then i rely on my smartphone during the day for alerts and then check again at night when I have completed my work,

2. When ever you are working, its advisable you close any social media pages. This helps in reducing the temptation of leaving work for social media pleasure which usually starts with “let me just have a quick look

3. You can also try to Combine your social networking efforts by using social media programs like Hootsuite which allows you to take control of your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more without going to the platform itself. This helps you to even manage multiple social media platform all on one place which make you time much efficient.

4. For social media platforms like twitter and Facebook, you can easily schedule your posts. You can do this easily with Hootsuite, and it’s really a very effective marketing strategy. When you have Tweets going out every hour, It allows many more people to see your links  and contents, particularly for more seasoned posts that need more eyes on them. So if you schedule your Facebook update to go out two to three times each day, then its certain that you will capture various people at various times and this will increase your engagement rate. And all of this can be achieved without spending much time on those networks.


I will advice that if you are just starting your blog, It’s a good to stay with only one online networking system from the get go. But you can as well visit other platforms, Create a name for your brand (so you wont have to beg for it in future) Social media sites acquire thousands of new users everyday. So its better to pick your username before anyone does.

Then use like a week or two to get used to a particular network before moving to another. Figure out how to use the first before you proceed. In the end, you will have good presence on every online networking site and then start to see traffic from all of them all.

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