Interesting Facts About .NG Domain Names

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Ever wondered what is .NG Domain or when did .NG Domain Name Registration start in Nigeria?

Here is a summarized description about the history of .NG Domain, its evolution and growth in today’s market worldwide. As there are 63,855 .NG Domain Names registered till now and growing every day, many online marketing opportunities have opened up for small, medium & large business in Nigeria.

This infographics depicts the golden value behind .NG domain names and the huge amount of money people pay to purchase a single premium domain name for their business.

View the full infographics below to know the other interesting facts and statistics related to .NG Domains.

Interesting Facts about .NG domain names

Lets Know .NG Domain

.NG is the internet ccTLD for Nigeria and it represents Nigeria’s identity in cyberspace.

.NG Domain Timeline

– 2005
The Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) was founded on March 23, 2005 as stakeholder-led organisation.

NIRA is responsible for managing & maintaining the database of domain names registered in the .NG

– 2008 was the 1st .NG Domain registered on 24th December 2008. As you can see the extension of this domain is which means this domain was registered for government authorities.

– 2009
The 1st Domain registered IN 2009.

– 2011
On 19th January 2011 NIRA auctioned its 1st .NG Domain “” to Honeywell International,Inc.

The same year Google bought,,, and Microsoft registered “” which is one of the shortest .NG Domains.

– 2013
About 10,000 .NG Domain Names got registered till 2013

– 2014
One of the Nigeria’s leading Domain registrars “DomainKing.NG” was born. For the lowest prices and the best services you can register your Domain with DomainKing.NG

– 2016
The .ng Domain market is growing rapidly as more than 60,000 .NG Domains have been registered till 2016 and still counting.

.NG Domain Statistics

As per our research 63,855 .NG domains have been registered till 1st October 2016.  Check out the list below to know more: 41,667
.ng: 15,228 4035 877 679
Others: 1369

.NG Domain Verses Other Domain Extensions

In this category we will measure how .NG domain extension weighs again other Most Popular domain extensions in Africa. The 3 Most popular domain extensions in Africa are .za, .ng & .ke. We look at the Battle of these 3 domains.
Domain Count
Ever thought how many domains have been registered in South Africa, Nigeria & Kenya?
We bring you the list that shows the total number of .ZA, .NG & .KE Domain Names registered till 1st October 2016.
.ZA– 1,116,524
.NG– 63,855
.KE– 58,270
Usage Statistics
The usage statistics list is based on the total number of search results that appears on Google for each of these domain extensions. This is done by searching on Google for “site:.ext” where “ext” is the domain extension.
.za– 156,000,000 Results
.ke– 53,000,000 Results
.ng– 14,900,000 Results

Did You Know?

We have researched some interesting & fun facts about .NG Domains that will make you say: Woooooooaaaaaaahhh!

Fact 1 If 1 .ng domain registered was equals to 1 yard, then how many times could you circle the Earth?
Answer: You could circle the Earth 713 times approximately if each .NG domain registered till now was equal to 1 Yard.

Fact 2 How many .ng domains get registered everyday?
Answer:Approximately 106 .NG Domains get registered everyday


Battle of Lengths

A Domain Name for your business should always be unique & memorable. And the length of a Domain Name can define its uniqueness & memorability. Imagine if you had “Cars.NG” for your cars business. Won’t it be great?

Now let us know the longest & the shortest .NG domain names registered till date.

The longest .NG Domain Name registered till date is “”. This domain is 44 characters long & it was registered on 2016-08-29 by Yomi Makinwa.
The shortest .NG Domain Names have just 2 characters: “” & “ is owned by Software Giant Microsoft & by another Big Company 3M Corporation”

Money Wars

Do you want to know the Most Expensive .NG Domains ever Sold till today?

Do you know that companies & individuals are willing to pay a huge amount of money to buy a single premium Domain for their business! Domain Names are the diamonds of the coming online market.

Here is a list of some of some most expensive .NG Domain Names sold till date:

1 – N3.15 Million
2 N2.25 Million
3 N2.09 million
4 – N1.84 Million

To know more checkout our list of Top 10 Most Expensive .NG Domain Names 2016.

If you know other Interesting Facts about .NG Domain Names that we have not Shared then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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