10 Reasons to Buy Traffic from Google AdWords

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When it comes to marketing a product or service online, “There are lots of ways to successfully do this” – A marketer will tell you.

Well thats true! Except that some of these methods are free while some are paid.

SEO is one of those free traffic sources, some other traffic sources includes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn while other traffic sources includes email, blogging, ebooks, coupon sales, podcasting, press release, free arranged ads, free listing, social bookmarking, Q&a sites, many many!

So you might wonder, when I can get some traffic for free, why should I bother paying for traffic on Google AdWords?

Well i know you’d ask, Here are few reasons why you should consider Google AdWords as part of our marketing /traffic building strategies.


10 Reasons to Buy Traffic from Google AdWords

1. No Traffic Limit

Back in 2013, Google announced that the site processes about  6 Billion searches each day. With over 4 million search every minute!

What people including you and I use Google for is for few reasons, either to satisfy a needa desire, or to solve a problem… and Google serves as the instant solver.

Now imagine if you have the solution to what 1 million of those searchers are looking for, then that’s a really big opportunity for you, and remind you, i am only talking about the Google search which is only a part of Google AdWords!

With AdWords you can also reach many other people using other websites, There are other networks such as Google Display Network (GDN) and Google Search Partners, Google search partners are sites that shows Google search results on their pages and other search engines like AOL, Ask.com and YouTube, the 2nd largest search engine around.

10 Reasons to Buy Traffic from Google AdWords

 GDN is the network for display advertisement. According to Google, The display network covers about 90% of internet users worldwide, with over a trillion impressions with 1 billion users every month”.

Now, do the calculations, it shows you can easily have access to billions of people in minute!

2. Instant Page 1 Ranking is Guaranteed

Have you been struggling with SEO, and yet you haven’t be seeing your self on the Google search front page?

Well AdWords gives you an upper hand here.

Am not saying you should abandon SEO for not working the way you wanted. But SEO takes a while before results are gotten. But with AdWords you can assure your self of instant page 1 ranking.

With AdWords, Seeing your site or business on the top is instant, if you can bid high enough, and target keywords that are of high relevancy to your landing page The top spot is guaranteed for you.

3. Target and Reach Highly Motivated People

Now that we have billions of users accessible. Which is the interesting thing about marketing and also the better thing with Google search on AdWords is that we can specifically target highly motivated individuals.

Like i said above,some reasons why people use Google search is to either to satisfy a need, a desire, or a to solve a problem.

On Google, people only search for what they need through certain keywords, So if you present your “appealing ad” to them and you give them reasons to believe you can answer and solve their worry, Then you will have those motivated individuals rushing into your website and mostly convert.

I read this somewhere, where someone posted that

“I’ve realized that instead of posting all my problems on Facebook, it’s better to find solutions for them on Google.”

So when you have the ability to show up in front of anyone who is so eager to get solution to their problems and you have the real solution. Wont you wanna be there?

4. You Only Pay for Clicks/Website Visits

AdWords works with a Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding strategy, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Unlike some advertising media like TV, radio or magazine , There is a pay rate been set no matter who sees you Ad or not. However, on Google AdWords, you will only have to pay when someone is interested on your ad and the person clicks through. This helps in managing your marketing budget efficiently and effectively.

5. You will Always Stay On top

I just did a search for the term “buy phones online” on Google. Take a look at the results…

10 Reasons to Buy Traffic from Google AdWords

This is a shot that was taken without scrolling. The first 3 results you see there are Adwords ads. Also the 5 results on the right are AdWords ads, While there are only 2 organic listings above the fold.

Sometime AdWords ad results dominate the whole of the screen, depending on the type of search query you make. So you have to know all of this. Google makes sure you get more value for the money you spend.

6. Easy Control Over Spend and result (Flexibility)

i have used many advertising systems for clients all around, and I must say, AdWords  has the most flexible and controllable ad system. As an advertiser, here are few things you can do for your campaign on AdWords:

1. Pick keywords your ads should show up for
2. Set Daily and Monthly budget (with no minimums)
3. Set price to pay for a click
4. Target geographic areas where your ads appear
5. The days/times your ads run
6. The messaging of your ads
7. The page on your website the ads lead to
8. The ability to turn your ads on/off at any time
9. Whether you reach people through Search, Display, Remarketing and/or on YouTube
10. The ability to run text, image and/or video ads
11. The ability to bid for the top spot, bid for ROI, bid to get the most clicks possible for your Money, or bid for conversions

Flexibility and control is the key to running a successful campaign. if you know of any other ad system that offer such level of flexibility and control feel free to comment below.

7. Geographic Targeting

This is specifically Good for local advertisers. With AdWords you can target specific locations.

For example, For organic search, if you type in keywords like “buy a new phone” .You will notice that the results you will get will be from companies or sites that have big reputations or websites of  big national companies.

So using SEO for local business might not work because there are many companies who have been optimizing for that keyword right before you started and are not sitting over a beer watching you push them down.

But with AdWords, however, you can target certain people in a specific geographic locations. So if you have a phone store in Nigeria, you can make sure your ads only show to people in the entire Nigeria or specific  cities/towns/zip codes around Nigeria where people can easily reach you.

So when you target competitive keywords with AdWords, organic search results would still show all the big national mattress companies/sellers, but your ad shows up at the top results and then you grab local searchers which you couldn’t get through SEO.

8. Highly Measurable

Google AdWords doesn’t just give you ability to run ads , It also gives you access to a whole lot of information about your ads especially when you use it with Google Analytics.

With Adwords you will be able to track:

1. Impressions
2. Clicks
3. Cost Per Click
4. Performance of individual ads
5. Performance of individual keywords
6. The search terms people typed in before clicking on your ads
7. Conversions
8/ Cost/conversion
9. Impression Share
10. Average Position of your ads
And more.

These information helps online marketers make very informed decisions.

9. Highly Effective Keyword Research and Market Research Tool

Although the ultimate reason for advertising is for traffic, leads and conversions. But AdWords is not just only for that. you can also use AdWords for research too.

You can use AdWords for keyword research. you will get to know the type of keywords your customers are using to find you on Google.

By using the AdWords Search Query , you can find and understand keywords people and using to find you as well as how many times the keyword have been used in search per day, per month.

You can say ad words is the best source for data like this because it works on Google! With Google AdWords, i can easily tell you some detailed facts about some keywords, and search behavior of some users, or search behaviors during some time.

10. The Poor Guys can still show first

Now don’t mistake Google AdWords for just a “Money Spending Adventure”. The bidding strategy on AdWords isn’t just about the highest bidder shows up first in the rankings.

There’s an algorithm which Google uses to provide a fair auction system for both rich and poor advertises. which is the Quality Score similar to page rank in Organic search.

If you run an ad with very good and relevant keyword, and you end up with a very good Quality score. You can as well rank high even when you bid lesser than your competitor.  So at the end of the day, the advertiser can pay what he can afford and yet still run a profitable business.

That means that the little guy can outsmart the Big guys on Googe AdWords and come out on top.


Although AdWords has its flaws too. It could be a bit complex and confusing. But it sure works greatly .

So give it a try if you have never used it and see why you should have started a long time ago.

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